Why You Need a Community of Practice

Note from the editor: In the original version of this post, we used the term Center of Excellence to describe a group of people who committed to learning and teaching Lean and Kanban methods within their teams. After several engaging discussions with internal and external thought leaders, we agreed that the term Community of Practice better represented the concept we wanted to encourage: a growing, evolving, inclusive community of people within an organization, committed to learning, experimenting, and continuously improving in their practice of Lean and Kanban.

In our experiences working with teams around the world, in different industries, with different goals, we’ve found one thing to be true: Developing a Community of Practice is essential for the sustainable adoption of not only our product, but of a continuously maturing Kanban initiative.

This isn’t a new concept; you might have played the role of “Community of Practice” in your team or department without realizing it. Often, the community will form organically, out of a desire to sustainably implement and practice Lean and Kanban consistently across a team, department, or organization. If you’re new to the concept, keep reading to learn why we strongly advocate for Communities of Practice as part of an effective Lean and Kanban implementation.

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Introducing Office Hours

Our Customer Success team is excited to introduce Office Hours, a virtual meeting room where our experts are available to answer questions, teach and reinforce Lean and Kanban concepts, and guide you through any challenges your team may be facing. Whether you have a question about a Lean concept or a LeanKit feature, our experts are ready to coach you to success.

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