How to Design a LeanKit Board that Encourages Speed

leankit board

Visualizing what you do now is largely regarded as one of the initial steps in a Kanban or Lean journey. Even starting with simple To Do, Doing, and Done lanes on a LeanKit board works wonders. People know what work is “happening” and the current status. They understand the flow of work and sequence of actions to get things done.
This transparency — one major outcome of visualizing work — is only the starting point though.

What most teams are really aiming for is speed. So the question becomes: What steps does a team need to take to go from simple visualization to continuous, speedy value delivery?

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LeanKit’s New Speed Report

The new Speed report has quickly become our most visited report. This improved visualization helps teams quickly identify work items that are out of the “ordinary” to enable process improvement. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of the Speed report.

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Improved Insights into the Distribution of Work

Understanding the distribution of your team’s work can help you make better decisions about how work is planned, prioritized, and assigned.

We recently introduced improved Distribution and Assigned User Reports in LeanKit to make distribution information easier to read and interpret - especially if your board is used by a large team with a high volume of cards flowing through.

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Dress Up Your Data: Custom Reporting

A picture’s worth a thousand words -- unless, of course, it conveys outdated or incomplete data. With LeanKit’s new Custom Reporting, you can answer your burning questions faster -- and more accurately.

LeanKit’s Custom Reporting solution offers quick insight to help you:

Highlight organizational trends withcross-board reporting
Meet your unique needs with custom reports, charts, and graphs
Ensure common understanding via easy report sharing

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Enhanced Lean Metrics: More Speed and Insight

To find improvement opportunities, you look to the data. It offers the hard numbers that can help answer questions such as “Will we finish the work in time?” or “How can we adjust the process to improve flow?”

LeanKit’s metrics and reports provide you with the data-driven insights you need to answer the tough questions. We’ve been overhauling our reporting engine to make our reports even faster and easier to use.

As the improvements gradually roll out, you’ll see the following enhancements:

Improved performance: Generate and interact with your LeanKit reports more quickly
Advanced sharing options: Communicate data points with your peers more easily
Interactive reporting: Zoom in or out, and instantly include or exclude data ranges

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Top 3 Most Wanted Lean Metrics [Survey Results]

In a recent survey to further understand your analytics and reporting interests, we asked the following question: “What analytics do you use now, and which ones would you like to use in the future?” Thanks for sharing your preferences with us. Here’s a quick summary of the results.

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