The Benefits of Scaling Agile

Team working in modern office

Agile has become a hot topic in project management. Many top businesses around the world are interested in scaling Agile across entire organizations. But despite its recent surge in popularity, Agile is far from a new concept in project management. Officially created in 2001, Agile’s origins go back multiple decades and have been used to help teams succeed in fast-paced jobs where the nature of work is constantly changing.

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Lean Methodology: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

What is Lean Methodology and why is it needed?

If you’ve worked in management for some time, you’ve heard discussions around Lean methodology. It’s a popular business philosophy known for reducing waste and improving efficiency. But aside from being a popular buzzword, what is Lean? And more importantly, can it benefit your organization? The answer is, Yes. Lean Methodology can be used to improve the way your teams manage projects, collaborates, and deliver products.

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