How to Get Started with Agile HR - Part III

How to get started with Agile HR

If you read the first two posts in this series, you know why many HR departments are looking to become more Agile, and the benefits they’re experiencing after doing so. To review, Agile HR is simply the application of Agile methodology in the HR department. In practice, it usually means more collaboration, less linear planning, shorter work cycles, and more transparency throughout the HR org.

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Why You Should Have an Agile HR - Part II

Why you should have an Agile HR

An article published by Harvard Business Review in 2017 said, “If software has eaten the world, Agile has eaten the software world.” This is even truer today than just a few years ago when it was written—at that point, a Google search for “Agile software development” generated nearly 14 million results. As of the writing of this blog post (just a few short years later), that number is over 196 million.

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HR Goes Agile: Bringing People Operations into the 21st Century with Lean-Agile Values and Principles.

HR Goes Agile

As enterprises are becoming increasingly Agile, the role of HR in Lean-Agile organizations is being challenged to expand beyond process-oriented HR management, and into truly Lean-Agile people operations. In this series of posts, we’ll be discussing why HR goes Agile, and what happens when HR goes Agile—and how high-performing organizations should approach HR’s transition into fully embracing the Agile methodology.

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Getting Started with Continuous Improvement, Part 3: Continuously Improving

In this post, we’ll share what happens next: Truly embedding continuous improvement into your team’s process and Adjusting (A) improvement activities continuously based on what you learn. We’ll discuss our best tips for making continuous improvement ‘stick’ with your team and share the story of how one team has used LeanKit to improve their cycle times and overall efficiency with continuous improvement!

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Getting Started with Continuous Improvement, Part 1: Planning to Improve

Getting Started with Continuous Improvement

Yes—it’s true that the goal of continuous improvement is to help you improve, continuously. But in the context of Kanban, continuous improvement is far more than that. It refers to the operationalization of improvement activity within an organization: The shared mindset and set of practices that, when done consistently, promote data-driven analysis and effective process improvement, and encourage innovation and growth across the organization.

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Business Agility Definition

Business agility describes organizations that are able to maintain stability while rapidly responding to customer demands. It’s a buzzword that’s thrown around often—sometimes related to the practice of (uppercase) Agile, and sometimes not. A more complete business agility definition is more complex. In this post, we’ll define agility, business agility, and discuss how to increase agility in your business.

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