New Look, Same LeanKit

You may have noticed a few small changes recently in LeanKit, namely the font and color. These changes are just a couple of examples of the many small changes we will be making as we update our UI to a new, fresh look. Our goal is to maintain the same ease of use that exists in LeanKit today, while implementing design changes to ensure consistent and effortless experience across all devices and browsers.

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Goodbye Manual User Management, Hello Automated User Provisioning

Picture this: 10,000 employees and 20 enterprise-wide applications with an average of ten new hires and five exiting employees a week. Now imagine the amount of time someone spends creating, editing, deleting and permissioning all those users and roles across the varying applications they use -- ever changing with requests growing by the day.

If that sounds like your life on a daily basis, you must be an account administrator for the tools and applications your company uses. We feel your pain.

We know how taxing the manual work of user management can be. We also know that account admins are a critical component to scaling applications while maintaining efficient and secure operations within our enterprise clients. We’re here to help.

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A Guide to Navigating Integrations: Pros and Cautions


In 2007, Steve Jobs opened a keynote presentation promising the world three new products — a widescreen touch iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet device. But in a twist of events he pulled out a single device, the Original iPhone. While this was a revolutionary, “one to rule them all” type of device, the majority of products are not and should not be intended to solve all problems for everyone.

When it comes to business tools, this idea remains the same. It is incredibly challenging and often a messy path to go down to find a single tool to solve all the needs of your business and teams (something we talked about in a webinar with our integrations partner Tasktop). In doing so, you can end up with a conceptually great system that does little to accomplish real-life goals, resulting in high spend with little ROI.

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