Are You Doing Too Many Things at Once?

We are all overworked, overstressed and overcommitted.

Yet we seldom know why.

Our projects are too demanding, we say. Or maybe it’s because our backlogs are too big. We believe it’s because our jobs are too important. We’re too special to slow down.

But we’re wrong.

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Kanban to the Rescue

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Planning Six 150-Person Events Concurrently
Back in August, at the tail end of an insane three months spent on the road, I received a DM expressing more than a passing interest in bringing Kaizen Camp to New York City.

The venue: TBD
The date: ASAP

A little context here: my creative partner Jim Benson and I were at an onsite in Virginia finishing up our last client engagement for a while. We were just three days shy of what we thought would be a protracted and well-deserved break. The last Kaizen Camp we threw in Seattle ended just two weeks prior, and while we were over-the-moon ecstatic to be hearing from people around the world who either wanted to sponsor a Kaizen Camp or bring one to a city near them, we assumed we’d have some downtime before actually jumping back into the rigorous planning process - and getting back on the road - for yet another event.

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