Kanban and Agile Marketing: Why Teams are Getting On Board

Agile marketing

One of the reasons I love Kanban so much is that it’s so ubiquitous: The principles and practices are very easily portable between domains. While the Agile Manifesto, for example, is very development-oriented, if you look at Kanban and the Kanban Method you will not find such domain-specific language — making it much easier to apply in other value streams. Read to learn how Kanban can bolster your Agile marketing practices.

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Kanban: The Key to Unlocking SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework)

scaled agile framework

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)® provides enterprises with a proven framework for applying Lean-Agile practices at scale.

The wider inclusion of Kanban in SAFe 4.0® enables organizations to improve business flow at every level of the business.

LeanKit is uniquely suited to help you coordinate efforts and accelerate delivery across large, complex value streams. Get the most out of the Scaled Agile Framework® by implementing Kanban at all levels with LeanKit.

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Using Kanban to Improve Audit Management

Introduction by LeanKit COO Jon Terry

One of our New Year’s resolutions at LeanKit is to do a better job of sharing ideas for effectively using Kanban with our customers. We pick up some pretty good ideas from working with customers, and we promise that we’ll be working some of those into blog posts from time to time. We are also blessed with a lot of really smart friends in the Lean/Agile community, a number of whom have agreed to share their wisdom with us and you as guest bloggers.

The first of these guest posts is from Yuval Yeret of Agile Sparks. We’ve known Yuval for several years now and both respect and really like him. He’s a talented Kanban trainer and consultant and a frequent speaker on the Lean/Agile conference circuit. You should definitely check-out his blog yuvalyeret.com and his presentations on SlideshareContinue Reading