A Guide to Navigating Integrations: Pros and Cautions


In 2007, Steve Jobs opened a keynote presentation promising the world three new products — a widescreen touch iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet device. But in a twist of events he pulled out a single device, the Original iPhone. While this was a revolutionary, “one to rule them all” type of device, the majority of products are not and should not be intended to solve all problems for everyone.

When it comes to business tools, this idea remains the same. It is incredibly challenging and often a messy path to go down to find a single tool to solve all the needs of your business and teams (something we talked about in a webinar with our integrations partner Tasktop). In doing so, you can end up with a conceptually great system that does little to accomplish real-life goals, resulting in high spend with little ROI.

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Exploring LeanKit APIs with Postman

There's a wealth of information available to every LeanKit user through the use of the LeanKit Application Programming Interface (API). The API can be used to extract status information for a custom report, automate routine tasks such as moving or updating a card, synchronize data with another system, and many other useful tasks.

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Objectively Measuring ‘Good Enough’

For any development team - especially a product team - the pressure to ship is a very real factor every day. Most developers can relate to the internal battle between the pragmatist and the perfectionist. Left to their own stereotypical devices, the pragmatist will ship to the detriment of future flexibility and adaptability while the perfectionist will ship one week after the company closes down (if that).

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Automate LeanKit with Node.js

To help customers get the most out of LeanKit, we provide Web Services for automating common tasks, such as creating, updating, and moving cards on a board. In addition, there are software clients available for common programming languages and platforms, making it easier to take advantage of LeanKit's Web Services.

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