Spotlight on Women in Lean: Julia Wester

In March, SolutionsIQ included us in their article, “Getting to Equal in an Agile Workplace,” as one of the tools that can help teams achieve transparency while tracking the progress of their work. Throughout the article, author Hanna Gnann offered a fresh take on how companies can strive to achieve equality for women in the workplace using an agile mindset. At…

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Why Great Customer Service in a Lean Company Matters

The ultimate goal of Lean management is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Traditionally focused on manufacturing and software development, customer value comes in the form of speed, price, and product quality. But what about the value of customer service? We’ve found that practicing Lean principles can help you become a more efficient customer-focused company with a competitive advantage. The…

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Keeping Remote Teams Cohesive, Part 3: (Over-) Communication is Key


This is part of a three-part series on keeping remote teams cohesive. We recommend that you begin with parts 1 (hiring) and 2 (onboarding) before reading this post on communication.

In the final installment of this series, I’ll discuss the importance of effective communication -- over-communication, in fact -- in remote teams. I’ll share the communication strategies and methods that I’ve seen be most effective for keeping remote teams cohesive.

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SAFe and Kanban: Why They’re Better Together


Changing customer expectations, "burning platforms," competitive pressures, and increasing regulatory requirements are just a few of the substantial challenges that modern business leaders face. These pressures have pushed many businesses from the merely complicated to the complex domain, requiring new approaches to management -- evolutionary agility at scale.

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