LeanKit’s New Speed Report

The new Speed report has quickly become our most visited report. This improved visualization helps teams quickly identify work items that are out of the “ordinary” to enable process improvement. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of the Speed report.

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Better Visibility Into Your Connected Work Items

advanced reporting

We’re excited to bring to you a new view of connected cards, saving you time spent jumping between boards and allowing you to move quickly on items that need immediate attention. You can now see all work items connected to a parent card in a single view, giving you critical information, such as due dates and blockers, at a glance.

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New LeanKit iOS Mobile App and Android Updates


We just released a new LeanKit iOS mobile app that provides a faster, more reliable mobile experience. In this post, you’ll learn how to install our new iOS app and get a rundown of what's improved.

Android users -- we've enhanced your mobile experience too. Keep reading to learn how the LeanKit mobile experience is better than ever.

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JIRA and Kanban vs. LeanKit

JIRA, Kanban Boards, and LeanKit
Kanban is used across many types of organizations to visualize work, limit work in progress, focus on flow and create an environment of continuous delivery. If you've ever used or considered using a Kanban tool, you've probably encountered Kanban in JIRA. While JIRA technically provides Kanban functionality, it doesn't support some of the key principles of Lean and Kanban.

In this post, we'll compare JIRA Kanban with LeanKit, the leader in enterprise Kanban. We'll then provide use cases for integrating the two systems, to allow everyone in your organization to use the tool that is purpose-built for them.

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Improved Insights into the Distribution of Work

Understanding the distribution of your team’s work can help you make better decisions about how work is planned, prioritized, and assigned.

We recently introduced improved Distribution and Assigned User Reports in LeanKit to make distribution information easier to read and interpret - especially if your board is used by a large team with a high volume of cards flowing through.

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