Agile: The Key to Faster, More Responsive Marketing

agile marketing

In this webinar, you’ll hear firsthand about Agile marketing and why it gives you a competitive advantage in your marketing operations. Agile Marketing experts from AgileSparks and Terminus will dive into the strategy and tactics behind Agile marketing. They’ll also share an example of how a leading B2B account-based marketing team was able to successfully achieve marketing agility. Yuval Yeret of…

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Predictability: No Magic Required

In this webinar, I’ll provide guidance around choices you can make that impact your ability to meet your commitments with confidence.

You'll learn how to predict the cycle time of work before it's finished. I will also explain the basics of queuing theory, and the relationship between queue size, capacity utilization, and cycle times.

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Leading with Respect

leading with respect

Leading with respect is the key to the success of any transformation. Learn how to create a culture of transparency, trust, and teamwork in your org.

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