How to Sell Kanban to Your Boss


You’ve done your research; you know how visualizing your work with Kanban could help your team work smarter, communicate better, and produce higher quality work.

But your boss isn’t sold. Unless you can explain why limiting work in process and implementing a pull system is going to boost revenue, they’re not interested.

They aren’t convinced that the juice is worth the squeeze.

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Understanding the Relationship Between Lean, Agile, and DevOps


With the ever-increasing business demand for IT services, IT organizations need a sustainable way to scale their service capacity. They need to manage the increasing demand, while developing efficient, sustainable processes to safely scale.

To do this, many IT organizations have turned to leading workflow models and concepts, namely: Lean, Agile, and DevOps. These methodologies have come forth through various movements over the past decade. Although often thought to be distinct movements, Agile and DevOps share a common (Lean) goal: to improve the speed and quality of value delivery.

The difference is in the breadth of focus — Agile aims to optimize software development, specifically, which doesn’t consider the other parts of the IT value stream. DevOps recognizes that this just pushes the constraint downstream to Ops, so it works to break down walls between the two. Lean broadens the focus, focusing on optimizing the entire value stream.

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How to Get Started with Continuous Improvement

Understand how to use your Kanban board to identify improvement opportunities.

Understand how to use your Kanban board to identify improvement opportunities.

Not sure how to get started with continuous improvement? Understanding how to use data to drive improvement efforts can be challenging: Watch this webinar for actionable steps that will help you jumpstart your continuous improvement initiatives.

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Incorporating Lean and Kanban with Leanban

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As CEO of Net Objectives, I’ve seen firsthand how adopting a Lean, objective-driven mindset enables organizations to evolve their software development practices and deliver customer value more effectively. If you’re ready to take your team’s Agile practices to the next level, this webinar is for you.

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Driving Innovation with Kanban at Jaguar Land Rover


In this webinar, I share how Kanban is being implemented across new vehicle development projects at Jaguar Land Rover to improve time, cost and quality. I’ll share the results of a Kanban product development proof of concept to accelerate design and development, the success of which is driving adoption across multiple programs.

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From Divided to United — Aligning Technical and Business Teams


Are your technical and business teams at odds with each other? They don’t have to be.

Alignment is defined as “a position of agreement or alliance”.  Aligning technical and business teams is a matter of gaining clarity and consensus around why teams are doing what they’re doing. Your teams may (and in fact, should) argue about the who, what, and when, but the why should be well understood. Gaining consensus on this can fundamentally transform the culture of an organization.

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