Successful Evolutionary Change with Kanban

 Successful Evolutionary Change with Kanban

A Lean-Kanban University (LKU) Accredited Kanban Training

 This interactive 2-day Kanban training class provides an introduction to Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban and the application of Kanban to successfully improve your delivery. Using Lean and Agile techniques, it provides a practical introduction into this new and exciting approach to accelerate the flow of work in your projects and operations:

LKU Accredited Kanban Training

  • Moving from a push system to a pull system by limiting Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Visualising work so that work becomes transparent and bottlenecks become visible
  • Defining policies to foster team collaboration and self-organisation
  • Shaping demand so that it balances with the team capability
  • Hedging project risk with capacity allocation
  • Reducing cycle time and multitasking

Participants will learn how to design a kanban system and initiate change with Kanban. They will learn the basic concepts of flow, pull, and collaborative improvement. At the end of the training, participants will understand:

  • How to identify and address bottlenecks
  • How to work with shifting priorities
  • How to deal with interrupt work and multi-tasking
  • How to deal with important but not time-critical work
  • How to avoid that work piles up in one place (or time) while there is a lack of work in another place
  • How to create flow in the work, the information to perform the work, and the teams that do the work

The content of this course covers the following topics, presented in the form of intensive, non-technical exercises organised in small groups, games, classroom teaching and discussion:

  • Controlling Work in Progress (from push to pull)
  • Visualising work (designing the card wall)
  • Measuring and managing flow (control charts, flow diagrams)
  • Making policies explicit (classes of service)
  • Managing risk with capacity allocation
  • Managing change and collaborative improvement

Course participants will receive:

  • An electronic version of the presentation material (ppt format)
  • The book “Kanban –  Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business” by David J. Anderson (value £ 30)

The target audience for this course consists of:

  • Project and programme managers
  • Middle and senior managers (within and outside of IT)
  • Development and team managers
  • Business analysts
  • Scrum Product Owners and ScrumMasters that want to broaden their Agile toolkit
Event Date Location Fee
Successful Evolutionary Change with Kanban
Course duration: 2 days
12 & 13 June
18 & 19 June
Mechelen, BE
London, UK
€ 1,500
Accredited trainers:
Mike Burrows (VP at David Anderson & Associates) was an Executive Director at UBS Investment Bank and IT Director at the energy risk management consultancy Encore International where he led one of the first Kanban implementations in Central Europe. Mike now works with David Anderson & Associates, acknowledged leaders in the application of Kanban to knowledge work. Patrick Steyaert (Partner at TeamProsource) is the Director Assessments & Improvements at TeamProsource. He has more than 10 years of experience in helping project organizations to improve their capability to deliver. Experienced in both traditional software process improvement programs as well as Lean/agile transformations he is a true leading 360° improvement coach.