Quarterly Product Update

In this webinar, Jon Terry, COO of LeanKit, provides an overview of recently released product features and insight into what’s coming soon.

During this discussion, you’ll learn: 

  • About our plans to help improve your overall LeanKit user experience.
  • How parent-child board connections help you visualize work, track progress, and identify risk.
  • Details about our upcoming Reporting and Analytics overhaul and how it opens the door for ad-hoc reporting.

Helpful links:

Quarterly Product Update Slides (PDF)
How to use drill-through board connections (blog post)

May-June Enhancements Focus on Visibility, Efficiency

Visibility and efficiency.  Although great independently, together they’re more.  We hope you notice a common thread running through the most recent enhancements.  We’re aiming to provide both aspects to help make whatever project or process you’re working on less confusing and less time-consuming.  Here are the most recent improvements to LeanKit – all started, tested and moved to production over the course of May and June with both visibility and efficiency in mind.

Update Multiple Cards More Quickly

Now you can perform mass updates to all kanban cards in any lane, on any board.  The attributes available for mass update are:

  • Tags
  • Class of Service
  • Parent Card Association
  • Assign and Un-assign User(s)

This is the first round of enhancements related to mass updates, so keep an eye out for more.  To perform these quick changes to the cards on your board, right-click any lane in your board to see the drop-down menu options.

Percentage Complete at Board Level

LeanKit provides drill-through kanban boards to give users not only multiple levels of granularity, but also hierarchical, parent-child relationships among boards.  Now, the ‘parent board’ card of a drill-through board shows the percentage of work complete based on the card size of the ‘child board’ cards.  Much like the task-board percentage complete, if card size is not in place then the percentage calculation assumes all cards equal a value of ‘1’.

Analytics Home Page

Clicking the analytics icon in the toolbar now takes you to the analytics overview page (instead of jumping automatically to the Cumulative Flow Diagram).  The new ‘home’ page displays your available reporting options with visual representations (of course!) and descriptions of each.

Kanban Board Analytics Home

Fully Functional Toolbar Menu for Small Screen Display

The toolbar now minimizes to a single drop-down menu icon when your screen display size is decreased a certain amount. How does this happen so automagically? A responsive toolbar, that’s how.  When you click the icon, all of the standard toolbar menu options are available: Search, Filter, Help, etc.  So, minimize away!

Single Card Subscription Functionality

Now anyone who can see a board can subscribe to a single card to keep up with all changes associated with that given card.  This is especially helpful as a collaboration tool for team members who aren’t involved with an entire project, but are instead waiting for their signal to initiate downstream activity. Simply right-click any card and choose “Subscribe” from the hover menu to begin receiving updates.

Board History Activity Stream

A new activity stream replaces the board history dialog and provides a much kinder means of viewing, searching and exporting board details. History does not have to be painful!

History Activity Stream

That’s it for the list of major enhancements completed in May and June. Additional LeanKit improvements are listed below by month.

May 2013:

  • Caching mechanism recognizes features that are turned off/on by account administrators (cache discarded upon clicking “Save”).
  • ‘Board History Export’ function can handle very large boards.
  • ‘Unassign card to me’ option is available to team members already assigned to a card.
  • The board users list is sorted alphabetically.
  • Performance in drill-through board percentage calculations is improved.
  • ‘Create Template from File’ shows correct error message when improper file type is chosen.
  • Parent card filter text no longer gets cut off.
  • Admin ‘last activity date’ and ‘number of activities’ have unique IDs and names.
  • ‘Create a Drill-through Board From a Template’ process smoothed out and modal style corrected.
  • User invitation in all browsers working as expected (IE8 screen no longer hanging).
  • System redirects to tab with missing information when a card is missing a title upon clicking ‘Save.’
  • Inline Help Board view and Edit Board view redesigned.
  • New user preference option for the draggable board feature.

June 2013:

  • Analytics performance successfully processes accounts with very large boards and an extremely high number of events.
  • Card tag filters can search by “or” as well as “and.”
  • Card tag filters properly encoded when symbols used (&).
  • ‘Save and Add More’ cards option keeps the parent card association if one exists.
  • Drill-through board modal visible when boards are very tall and parent card is at the bottom.
  • Gravatars correctly displaying in new Activity Stream.
  • Card ‘comment’ formatting stays intact once the comment is posted/saved to card.

LeanKit Zapped with Drag-and-Drop App Integration

Databases. Calendars. Planning tools. Execution tools. Email on every device. Using multiple tools/business applications is a reality most of us have accepted and maybe even embraced (Is there an app for that yet?). But as the number of our non-integrated systems grows, the more inefficient and error-prone our work can become.

Easily connect web apps with Zapier integration

LeanKit’s integration with Zapier lets you connect web apps so you can easily move your data and automate tedious tasks. With Zapier’s automated online integration tool, the project and task information you manage in other business applications for communication/meeting management (Google, GoToMeeting), CRM (Salesforce, Zendesk) or marketing automation (Emma, HubSpot) can be consolidated and made visible in LeanKit. Likewise, your business applications can automatically reflect updates made to your LeanKit project boards. And that’s just scratching the surface of visibility and simplicity.

Use Zapier to easily connect LeanKit with other web apps

Use Zapier to easily connect LeanKit with other web apps

Zapier offers hundreds of online service application integrations to choose from. Check out all of the apps here. There’s no coding to get the LeanKit integration started – we’ve already done that for you – allowing for quick setup of your origin/destination business application and associated update settings. Zapier’s blog about Automated Project Management with LeanKit has more great information.