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Define & Visualize Your Process

Virtual WhiteboardsVisually manage work of any type or size using LeanKit's virtual whiteboards. Unparalleled flexibility allows you to easily model any workflow process regardless of complexity.
Configurable Board EditorCreate and edit your boards on-the-fly with the click of a button.
Vertical Lanes and SublanesAdd vertical lanes and divide them in to sub-lanes as needed to represent the steps in your process.
Horizontal SwimlanesUse horizontal swimlanes to represent different workflows on the same board.
Board Template LibraryUse our growing library of templates to easily create your first board or to gather inspiration for a new process.
Custom Board TemplatesSave your board designs as custom templates so that you can quickly and easily create a new board for similar work. 
Board Templates with CardsGet started faster by creating a board template with pre-loaded cards. 
Board CloningCreate an exact copy of a board for immediate use or to archive a board for later analysis. 
Import BoardsImport boards from other teams or organizations that are using a different LeanKit account (such as clients or partners that have related workflows). 

Plan & Structure Your Work

Backlog ManagementUse the backlog section of each board to plan and organize upcoming work.
Archive ManagementMove all cards that have been completed or discarded to the archive section of each board.
Create, Edit and Move CardsUse cards to represent work items and deliverables. Add new cards, edit existing ones and easily drag and drop cards across the board.
Card Types and ColorsUse a different set of card types on each board to represent different work categories (e.g., task, deliverable, issue). Associate each card type with a different color.
Descriptions and HyperlinksAdd card descriptions to provide full work context and hyperlink to external resources as needed.
File AttachmentsUpload and attach almost any type of standard image or document to your cards. File and total storage sizes are listed for each edition.50MB/1TB75MB/
Import Card DataImport card data onto your boards from a spreadsheet (csv) format to get started quickly with new projects.
Export Card DataExport card data from your boards into a spreadsheet (csv) format. 
Custom Card HeadersUse custom card IDs to easily sort and search for cards within a board. Cards can also be associated with other external systems using standard prefixes, text, links, and numbers. 
Single Board ConnectionsBreak down work by connecting a parent card to children cards on a board. 
Board to Board ConnectionsBreak down work by connecting a parent card to children cards on a separate board. 
Visualize ConnectionsVisualize connections on a board by showing relationships between parents & children to easily identify dependencies and project tasks. 
Multiple Board ConnectionsBreak down work by connecting a parent card to children cards on multiple boards.  
Multiple Parent ConnectionsAllow for children cards to have multiple parent cards via connections – identify dependencies, tie work to projects and initiatives, etc.  
Custom Card FieldsTailor LeanKit to meet the needs of your business by capturing additional information in custom card fields that are unique to your organization or team.  

Track & Visually Manage Your Work

Snapshot DashboardSee updated snapshots of all your boards on the home page for a quick status update.
Start and Finish DatesSet the date by which each work item should be started and/or completed.
BlockersVisually communicate if a work item is currently blocked and the reason why. The reason for unblocking a card can also be captured.
Card SizeUse the card size field to capture the estimated amount of work associated with a card.
Card PriorityVisually identify the priority of each work item (low, high, or critical).
Multi-user AssignmentDesignate multiple team members to work on a card. Upload avatars to visually represent each team member assigned to the card.
Card HistoryView a complete audit trail of all changes made to a card.
Activity StreamStay up-to-date with every action taken on your team's board.
TagsTag cards with key words to group, search, filter, and report on work items more easily. 
Global SearchQuickly locate a card on any board, from any board, and navigate to the card in a single click. In addition to card title and description, global search indexes task boards, comments, tags external IDs and cards in the backlog or archive. 
FiltersFilter board views by user, due date, card type, card tag, priority, blockers, staleness, and custom icons to highlight specific items. 
Task BoardsTrack the details related to your work by grouping associated tasks within a card. A progress bar on the face of the card shows the number of completed tasks compared to the total. 
Task TypesAdd customizable card types and granular card filtering to task boards. Task types help you manage multiple kinds of work effectively, within a single card. 
Custom Card IconsUse custom card icons with flexible field labeling to further categorize, filter, and report on your work. 
Move Cards Between BoardsMove cards to and from any board that have you listed as a user. 

Analyze & Report on Your Data

Lead and Cycle TimeUnderstand how long it takes to complete each work item, either from the point at which the work enters the board or from the point the work is started. This information can be used to determine where work is slowing down in your process.
Work DistributionUnderstand the distribution of work by team member, process step, type of work, the priority level of each work type and by a specific work type attribute. 
Assigned UserIdentify individuals or skill sets that are overburdened, understand key resource capacity, and see where additional resources might be needed. 
Cumulative Flow and Burn-UpSee how smoothly work flows through your process and determine if the team can complete its current workload by a particular date. 
Process EfficiencyMeasure when work in queue grows as a percentage of total work in progress (WIP). Determine where work is likely stuck in a queue and also investigate what can be done to get work flowing again. 
BurndownUnderstand if you’re on track to complete all planned work by the end of your sprint and see the impact of unplanned work. Helpful for teams practicing Scrum and Scrumban. 
ExceptionsIdentify work items in real time that are blocked, stale or delayed so that you can proactively intervene to keep key deliverables on track. 
Multi-board ExceptionsSee potential problems — including blocked, stale and delayed work items — across all of your boards in a single report.  
Planned Percent CompleteUnderstand how reliably your team hits planned delivery dates by seeing the percentage of work that has been completed early, on-time, and late. Helpful for teams who use planned finish dates to schedule their work.  
Advanced ReportingAccess your LeanKit data in your business intelligence tool of choice to meet your organization's unique reporting needs.  

Collaborate with Each Other

Mobile Browser SupportStay connected with your work anytime, anywhere using LeanKit in the browser on your mobile device.
@mentionsUse @mentions in the card description, comments, and blocker notes to notify team members of updates.
Card SubscriptionsSubscribe to a card to receive notifications by email or RSS feed when a card is updated.
Comment ThreadsManage and track communication related to a specific card using comments.
Post Comments via EmailUse email to easily add a comment to a card by replying directly to an emailed notification.
Board and Lane SubscriptionsSubscribe to a board or lane to receive notifications by email or RSS feed to track card activities on a board or within a particular lane. 
Reader LicensesGive stakeholders the ability to view specific boards and respond to email notifications. 5 reader licenses included with every 50 user licenses purchased.  

Improve Your Process

Lane PoliciesEnsure process consistency across your team. Define and add policies to the appropriate lanes, and then hover over the lane’s information icon to read the policy. 
Work-in-Process (WIP) LimitsSet limits on the number of cards that can be put in any lane or sublane on your board, or define the number of items that can be assigned to each team member. 
WIP Violations and OverrideInstantly see when WIP limit violations have occurred. If necessary, you can manually override WIP limits and track the reason. 

Integrate With Other Systems

ALM IntegrationsIntegrate LeanKit with your existing ALM suites, including Agile planning, issue tracking and testing tools.
Business Application IntegrationsIntegrate LeanKit with your existing business applications, including PPM, ITSM and service desk tools.
Open APIOpen API access supports up to 30,000 queries per day for Select, Standard and Lite editions. Unlimited API access available with Advanced and Enterprise editions.LimitedLimited
User Provisioning APIAccount administrators can avoid manual user management by using our API or SCIM 1.1-compliant integration to connect with existing identity management tools.   

Manage Your Data Securely

SSL EncryptionProvides industry standard private application security.
Role-based Board Level SecurityControl access to specific boards based on user roles and limit the actions a user can perform — such as create, edit and move cards, set and modify WIP limits, and change the board layout. Roles available are no access, user, reader, manager, and administrator. 
Export Board HistoryGet a complete audit trail of how work was completed. Historical data that tracks every change to a card, and data can be exported for further analysis. 
Enhanced Security AdministrationEnhance your security options with the ability to set account lock policies and other granular security settings.  
SSOIntegrate with your SAML based SSO tool to support single sign-on and improve user management capabilities.   
Private CloudEnhance the speed and security of your company's LeanKit account by creating a private cloud that isolates your data from other customer data.   


Account ManagerReceive onboarding support and ongoing account management services.  

Purchase LeanKit within the application anytime during your 30-day trial, or continue with our free Lite Edition Lite edition is free for up to three users and comes with two kanban boards. at the end.