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Changing the way you work.

LeanKit is a visual project delivery tool that helps teams do amazing things. Our customers use LeanKit to build rocket engines, design groundbreaking software, improve patient outcomes in hospitals, and more.

Over 50,000 teams across the globe use our product every day to be better at what they do.

Us? We work hard to ensure that we continue to deliver value – both to our customers and to our employees. Continuous improvement and respect for people are at the heart of everything we do. If you’re eager to learn in an enriching, fast-paced environment – you’ve come to the right place.

What Sets Us Apart

Everything we do is done with a single goal in mind: To maximize value for our customers. We know that in order to help our teams continuously reach this goal, we have to create an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, growth, and effective communication — not stress.

Another key differentiator is that we’re rooted in Lean principles, and we practice what we preach. Led by the values of Continuous Improvement and Respect for People, we have created a culture that:

  • Celebrates successes and failures equally as opportunities to learn
  • Challenges the status quo, striving always to be better at what we do
  • Promotes the giving and receiving of feedback as a means of growth
  • Develops talented individuals into invaluable team members
  • Knows how to have fun and get things done

High-Growth, Big Opportunities

If you’re constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and more effective at the things you do – you’ll fit in nicely with our team. We’re a team of 100+ lifelong learners, who are always hungry for ways to improve – not just at what we do, but how we do it. We’re obsessed with improving processes, and we strive endlessly to optimize for customer value and growth.

Things move quickly here, and that’s on purpose – we’re on a mission to help people work smarter, and we know we won’t get there by sticking to the status quo. If a process, step, activity, or system needs improvement, our team members aren’t afraid to jump in and make changes. If you readily embrace change, and are on a personal mission to continuously improve – check out our available jobs below.

How Success is Measured

We don’t value busyness here, we value progress. We believe that people should work in whatever way is best suited for them – whether that’s at a standing desk, on our front porch, or on a beanbag, whether you use a Pomodoro timer or blast music in your headphones or take walking meetings around our neighborhood.

Because we use LeanKit to plan, manage, and measure how we work, we’re all able to track our productivity, and identify ways to work smarter and continuously improve. For us, it’s not about “appearing busy” – it’s about delivering value to our customers. So if you work intentionally, stay humble, and maintain a growth mindset – you will be successful at LeanKit.

Employees are People, Too

At LeanKit, we know that happy people are productive people – so we work hard to ensure that our employees have the flexibility they need to manage their work and life priorities.

Part of this comes from practicing Lean principles: Having too much work in progress results in context switching, lack of focus, quality issues, and other wastes, which Lean aims to eliminate. Lean organizations proactively manage capacity, to ensure that each person or team has capacity to produce quality work (and implement improvement efforts as needed).

We’re proud to say we take care of our people: We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits – including 4 weeks of paid time off, paid volunteer days, catered lunches, unlimited snacks, drinks, and coffee, and more.

Open Positions

General Applications

Don’t see an open position? You can still apply through our General Applications posting. We will add you to our database for future openings.

  • No recruiters please. No offense guys. We’re just looking to hand-pick someone ourselves.