What is Value Stream Mapping?

Value stream mapping in knowledge work encourages systems thinking, resulting in better communication, more effective collaboration, and more team wins.

Why and How to Limit Your WIP

In this webinar, Personal Kanban authors Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry discuss how setting strong WIP limits can result in all of your work reaching faster completion.

Kanban: The Evolutionary Approach to Change

Kanban Coaching Professional Mike Burrows explains why Kanban is an evolutionary approach to change, encouraging teams to start with what they are doing now and evolve over time.

How to Use Kanban for Continuous Improvement

Kanban fosters an environment where teams can collaborate to identify opportunities to improve their flow of work. Learn how you can get your team started with continuous improvement.

Do we Need Training to “do” Kanban?

Kanban's highly visual nature makes it easy to get started. When it's time for advanced concepts or just basic problem-solving, here's a short list of Kanban professionals.

CoreCommerce Case Study

Learn how a hosted ecommerce company uses LeanKit to be more efficient and productive across the organization.

Emma Case Study

Learn how an email marketing company uses LeanKit to create a culture of visibility and accountability.

Healthcare Provider Case Study

Learn how an IT team at the leading healthcare service provider is using LeanKit to realize a 50% improvement in turnaround time.

McKerley & Noonan Case Study

Learn how an accounting firm has used LeanKit to track and manage their work, allowing them to go fully paperless.

REA Group Case Study

Learn how a digital advertising business is using LeanKit to provide a foundation of flexibility and transparency.

MEDarchon Case Study

Learn how a health care communications company is using LeanKit to help develop ground-breaking new technologies.

Vaco Case Study

Learn how an IT staffing firm is using LeanKit to convert their physical whiteboards to the cloud.

Vertafore Case Study

Learn how a leading provider of integrated technology and information solutions is using LeanKit to reduce time to market.

Getting Started with Kanban

Here's a from-the-trenches perspective of why it's important to keep it simple when your team lays out its first process.

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