LeanKit and the Scaled Agile Framework ® (SAFe)

SAFe provides enterprises with a proven framework for applying Lean-Agile practices at scale. Kanban is applied at every level of SAFe 5.0 to improve business flow and accelerate delivery across large, complex value streams.

Interconnect Your SAFe Kanban Systems

LeanKit enables you to interconnect your SAFe Kanban systems at the portfolio, value stream, program, and team levels to enable adaptive planning and better decision making throughout the delivery process.

scaled agile framework

We provide flexible Kanban board templates to help you implement the Scaled Agile Framework successfully at enterprise scale. Use the templates to help you get started quickly. They can be easily modified to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Portfolio Kanban

LeanKit helps you visualize your strategy and investment intent to enable informed portfolio-level decision making. Define your portfolio vision by identifying strategic themes, allocating budgets, and establishing the Portfolio Backlog.

scaled agile framework

Track the flow of your Business and Architectural Epics from analysis through to implementation.

Portfolio Kanban

Make your cross-program business initiatives visible in LeanKit using a Portfolio Kanban board. Capture and prioritize Business and Architectural Epics in the Portfolio backlog and connect them with Capabilities and Features to see a roll-up status of progress and potential issues.

Portfolio Metrics

LeanKit provides the metrics you need to measure and assess progress at the portfolio level. Visualize your budget allocation using the Distribution chart, measure the cycle time of your Epics, and create custom reports to assess your organization’s ability to sustainably deliver value.

Managing your portfolio vision in LeanKit provides a transparent basis for making important business decisions. Use Kanban to enable effective collaboration among enterprise stakeholders.

Value Stream and Program Kanban

At the program level, Epics are broken down into features and enablers, and prioritized for implementation within a program increment. LeanKit makes it easier to synchronize your Agile Release Train (ART) activities by enabling multiple teams to plan, commit, and execute together.

scaled agile framework

Make your SAFe programs visible to ensure alignment between business strategy and implementation.

Program Increments

Create a single Program Backlog in LeanKit and prioritize features and enablers for implementation in the Program Increment. Capture Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) calculations using custom fields to help you sequence work based on economic value.

ART Metrics

LeanKit’s Advanced Reporting capabilities let you create custom reports and dashboards to monitor status and improve program performance. Measure how well the ART is meeting its PI commitments using charts such as Cumulative Flow, Cycle Time, Planned Percent Complete, and more.

Team Kanban

The success of the Scaled Agile Framework depends entirely on the ability of Agile teams to develop on cadence and release on demand. LeanKit provides SAFe enterprises with a flexible platform for managing the development and delivery of software, without restricting the way teams work.

scaled agile framework

LeanKit helps teams visualize their workflow, collaborate more effectively, and continuously improve.

Use LeanKit to synchronize development to help cross-functional Agile teams self-organize and improve delivery reliability. Regardless of whether teams practice Scrum, Scrumban, or Kanban, LeanKit can help measure iteration progress and identify opportunities to increase flow and throughput.

Simplifying the Adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework

LeanKit helps enterprises accelerate delivery by enabling the continuous flow of value at every level of the organization. Interconnect your SAFe Kanban systems using LeanKit to better coordinate large, complex value streams.

To learn more or request a demo, contact us at SAFe@leankit.com.

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