What is Kanban?

Learn the history of Kanban, the basic principles behind the method, and how to apply it. Regardless of industry, many teams find value in the Kanban method through improved efficiency and performance.

Kanban Glossary

Here's a list of key terms and definitions to help you understand the core concepts of Kanban.

Benefits of a Kanban System

Learn about the Kanban method and how it can help a variety of businesses and industries achieve reduced time to market, increased productivity, and other benefits.

The Joy and Pain of Limiting WIP

LeanKit CEO Chris Hefley explains why limiting work in process (WIP) is simultaneously the most rewarding and the most challenging principle of Kanban.

Myth: Multitasking Saves Time

Multitasking is a common phenomenon in business, but it can easily harm overall productivity. Learn why limiting our work in process truly matters.

Top Kanban Blogs

Stay up to date with the latest thoughts from leading Kanban experts and practitioners with this selection of top blogs.

Agile Development

Learn about Agile development and how it can help your team rapidly deliver better software.

Kanban and Agile Methods

Learn how Kanban supports Agile work methods and how it can lead to improved team efficiency.

Benefits of Using a Pull System

Using a pull system can improve your workflow and decrease cycle time. Learn more about pull systems and how they relate to Kanban.

Kanban vs. Scrum

Learn the primary differences between Scrum and Kanban as systems in knowledge work.

The ABCs of Kanban Webinar

LeanKit and Agile Innovation partner to discuss three of the critical first steps in Kanban: visualizing work, limiting WIP, and managing flow.

Task Management with Kanban

A picture is worth a thousand words, and visual task management provides just the tool to keep you organized and on target.

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