All Estimation is Waste – Rubbish!

IT management consultant Troy Magennis addresses why budgeting and estimating are necessary in business and why teams must adopt "smart" estimation to excel in their Kanban initiatives.

Kanban to the Rescue

Tonianne DeMaria Barry, author of Personal Kanban, tells her tale of practicing Kanban to concurrently plan six events for 150+ people each.

Using Kanban in the Classroom

See how Patty Beidleman, an elementary educator and advocate for bringing Lean/Agile thinking to education, uses Kanban as a powerful tool for improved learning in her classroom.

Lean and Kanban at Scale Webinar

Net Objectives CEO Al Shalloway discusses how to apply Lean and Kanban at scale to manage software initiatives more effectively.

Scaling Agile with New SAFe Templates

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides resources to help businesses bring Agile initiatives to the enterprise. Learn how LeanKit can help you implement SAFe.

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