What is a Project Manager?

A project manager is someone who manages projects. But what does this mean? A project can be anything, and project managers may, or may not, be responsible for other areas of work besides managing projects.

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The fact is that project managers come in various forms. Most people have been a project manager at one point or another whether they realize it or not. Regardless of whether you’ve planned a kid’s birthday party or helped designed the new iOS for Apple, you’ve managed a project.

Project managers are usually responsible for performing several core functions, including:

  • Managing changes in project status and requirements
  • Documenting work requirements
  • Structuring work plans and timelines
  • Communicating with other people who are involved in the project
  • Staying within the project’s constraints (time / budget)
  • Ensuring the project flows smoothly from beginning to end
  • Coordinating meetings and resources

Are You a Project Manager?

Lots of people can be considered project managers. What type of project manager are you?

  • Are you an informal project manager responsible for managing any type of project or set of tasks involving more than one person?
  • Are you an individual responsible for the completion of any set of tasks or projects?
  • Is your job title “Project Manager?”
  • Are you part of a Project Management Organization (PMOs) responsible for forecasting and planning projects?

Skills for a Project Manager

If you are a project manager of any kind, chances are you are in high demand. To keep track of your daily to-do list and generally keep your life organized, consider trying a visual project management tool such as a task board or online project board. Visual management is a great way to share what you are working on with a team so that people can collaborate and get things done more quickly and more effectively. Learn more about how to become an effective Visual Project Manager and try a FREE project management tool.

IT Software DevelopmentConstruction Project ManagementMarketing & Advertising
  • Development operations (Dev Ops)
  • IT operations
  • IT project analysts
  • Software developers
  • Bug fixes / issue resolution
  • Construction project managers
  • Production managers
  • Skilled tradesmen
  • Contractors
  • Scheduling analysts
  • Estimators
  • Team management
  • Lean construction
  • Marketing managers and coordinators
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising production
  • Agency management
  • Marketing operations
SalesManufacturingEvent Planning
  • Sales operations
  • Sales managers
  • Field sales
  • Customer care teams
  • Issue resolution (JIRA, Remedy)
  • Line managers
  • Quality control specialists
  • Procurement
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Event planners / coordinators
  • Wedding planners
  • Event logistics
  • Task management
Business ManagersLogistics
  • Business operations
  • Business analysts
  • Legal operations
  • Human resources
  • Banking / Finance
  • Other non-IT professionals
  • Supply chain managers
  • Transportation specialists
  • Importing / Exporting
  • Lean consultants
  • Continuous improvement teams
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