Sync Up Teams, Speed Up Delivery

Integrate LeanKit with your existing enterprise applications to keep information flowing between teams and accelerate delivery across the entire value stream.

ITSM & Service Desk

Resolve requests, incidents and problems faster by keeping everyone informed with up-to-the-minute information.

Agile Planning & ALM Suites

Accelerate the delivery of new applications and features by improving collaboration between IT operations and development teams.

Issue Trackers

Resolve defects and issues faster by creating a rapid feedback loop between IT operations and development.

Portfolio Management

Enable Lean portfolio management by synchronizing business priorities with team-level execution.

Requirements Management

Create a common understanding of requirements across the value stream to increase alignment and clarity.

Test Management

Defects and issues identified in your test management tool can be mirrored in LeanKit and prioritized for the appropriate team to work on.

DevOps & Monitoring

Surface critical issues and opportunities for improvement by integrating tools for automated testing, CI/CD, application performance monitoring, error reporting, and more.

Optimize your delivery process by creating a single, virtual system that automates work handoffs while letting each team use its tool of choice. Every team member sees the same information at the same time, enabling you to improve collaboration, remove process waste and reduce delivery delays.

  • Speed up your cycle time by reducing the number of people handoffs.
  • Improve communication between functional teams to overcome silos.
  • Reduce the complexity of delivery processes across multiple teams and tools.

LeanKit’s integrations are powered by Tasktop and provide fully-automated, bi-directional synchronization between LeanKit and a broad range of enterprise applications. Our hub approach makes it easy to create, maintain and monitor your integrations in a single place.

There’s not a single tool out there that can solve every problem — especially given the high level of diversity at Vertafore. Using TFS and LeanKit together enables us to combine the value of both tools, minimizing effort without introducing complexity.
Pascal Pinck
Director of Product Development Capabilities

Integrating LeanKit with your tools and applications enables value delivery, faster.

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