Manufacturing: Engineering Operations Management

The tools we have for traditional engineering simply don’t have the bandwidth that we need to get good, robust designs to market in time… we have an increasing challenge in this complex engineering.

Hamish McMinn
Automotive & IT Project Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

When you’re engineering products that span the gap between the digital and physical space it’s imperative to leverage forward-thinking talent and tools. Is your team equipped with the tools to manage complex design specifications, manage non-compliance issues, and coordinate with manufacturing suppliers ...while moving with speed and agility?

Intuitive collaboration.

By visually managing all work-related activities in a centralized location, large and complex engineering teams can orchestrate work activities across the entire value stream and give everyone involved — team members, cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and subcontractors — access to the current state of work.

LeanKit enables engineers to work better together, ensuring that first timeproduct quality and safety maintain the highest standards while eliminating miscommunications, poor hand-offs, and inaccurate status updates.

On-time delivery.

When the Cost of Delay for a single day could result in the loss of millions of dollars, it’s essential to equip your team with the ability to deliver to market on time, and avoid the unnecessary consequences of rework and redesign.

LeanKit is designed to help you continuously optimize and improve the way you work, easily escalate issues as they arise, and quickly predict and respond to potential causes of delay.

A culture of efficiency and innovation.

LeanKit’s ‘always on’ analytics and reporting allows you to track and measure in real time: delivery trends, cycle time, burn down reports, and other relevant process metrics. It’s easy to pinpoint where work slows down, adopt process improvement changes on the fly, and increase your teams’ efficiency and productivity.

Inspire a culture of forward-thinking, agile engineers to move with speed, precision, and flexibility, and confidently make decisions about work with real data.