IT Operations

We need a sustainable way to tame the chaos

Your typical day in IT operations isn’t at all typical. In addition to setting up servers and consulting on projects, your team is deploying patches, responding to midnight alerts, and much more. Such broad usefulness results in a flood of planned and unplanned work, making every day unpredictable — and full of context switching.

Because of all the starting and stopping, there’s little time to focus on finishing work and even less time to improve processes. Living in reactionary mode eats away at your team’s effectiveness and morale. You want things to be less chaotic — and more aligned — so your team can deliver more value to the organization and to your customers.

But to gain alignment around what’s most important to the business, you need a way to visualize priority conflicts and shine a light on risks. Enhanced transparency can give you a voice in implementing sustainable improvements that can positively impact your organization’s bottom line.

The simple, visual medium that LeanKit provides makes it easier to communicate our priorities throughout the organization which in turn enables more meaningful conversations with our customers.

Damian Fasciani
Technology Services Manager, REA Group
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Improve Focus

Improve Focus

Increase organizational awareness and team focus by making activity more visible. A shared, consolidated view of work finally gets all levels of your organization on the same page. From project managers to development teams, your business colleagues can fully understand the many requests managed by IT operations — and help clear up confusion about priorities.

  • Manage your team’s workload more effectively by visualizing all of the work in your system.
  • Minimize oversights, duplicated effort, and handoff delays that slow progress.
  • Identify organizational risks and prioritize work based on business value.

Using Kanban boards to reveal all the work in progress helps operations teams monitor priorities more effectively.

Dominica DeGrandis
Director of Learning and Development, LeanKit
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Stabilize Flow

Stabilize Flow

With an erratic flow of work, it’s hard to feel confident about quality, predictability, or reliability. Lean management and continuous delivery practices can help you create the conditions for better flow, allowing you to deliver value faster and more sustainably.

  • Limit conflicting business priorities to reduce wasteful context switching.
  • Raise bottlenecks to the surface for quick resolution and get work moving.
  • Analyze your workflow metrics to measure and improve upon SLAs.

Get Your Team Started

Work with these recommended board layouts as-is or easily modify them to model your team's process.

  • Pre-Built Templates
    • System Administration

      For a team supporting development and production environments.

    • Business Process Maintenance

      For an IT Ops team managing flow from left to right, with priority ranked top to bottom.

  • Sample Board Layouts
    • Cross-Team Work

      For managing shifting priorities between maintenance and project work.

    • Work Prioritization

      For communicating high-level priorities within your team and across the enterprise.

    • Product Development

      For showing development, operational impacts, and support work.