Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

As a project manager, your stakeholders and project teams depend on you to deliver quality software — fast. Your customers want to know when it will be ready. The PMO is wondering if things are on track. And your teams need to stay aligned so work keeps flowing.

Because timely communication is critical, your days — and some nights — are filled with nonstop updates. You’re constantly sifting through inputs and adjusting the project plans, pouring time into translating spreadsheets for every level of your organization. But with all that effort, you still only have part of the story.

Rows and percentages can’t show you where bottlenecks exist, where time is wasted due to handoff delays, or where problems are hindering progress. To truly prevent problems and improve project delivery, you need more insight — and more visibility.

Our company had a Lean initiative underway to encourage more efficient business processes. The visibility LeanKit provides has made it easy to measure how much we’ve improved our turnaround times, which has been a huge morale booster.

Leading U.S. Healthcare Service Provider
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Radiate Information

Radiate Information

Let your team’s work speak for itself. A shared, consolidated view of project status helps every level of your team stay on the same page. From software developers to key leaders across the enterprise, everyone can see planned, current, and completed project activity — in a more meaningful way.

  • Share consumable project information instantly — without translating.
  • Bridge communication gaps between distributed and cross-functional teams.
  • Support business strategy decisions with rollup variance and trend data.

LeanKit is unique in delivering optimal flexibility at the team level while providing a standardized data model that allows us to generate rollup reporting for the management and executive levels.

Pascal Pinck
Director of Product Development Capabilities, Vertafore
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Improve Flow

Improve Flow

Enhanced project visibility doesn’t replace the need to discuss the work, but it does improve the quality of your conversations. Removing barriers to collaboration helps everyone focus on keeping the work moving in the right direction — so your customers see value sooner.

  • Surface risks and adapt more quickly, without disrupting progress.
  • Empower teams to control the flow of work and resolve problems.
  • Measure and improve project processes to maximize value delivery.

Get Started With Your Next Project

Work with pre-built board templates as-is or easily modify them to model your team's process.

  • Manage Projects
    • Standard Project

      For managing planned and in-progress deliverables, risks, and issues.

    • Feature Release

      For planning and executing complex projects or programs.

    • Scrum and Kanban

      For managing product and sprint backlogs while practicing Scrum.

    • Expedited Work

      For managing shifting priorities between maintenance and development work.

    • Simple Horizontal

      For managing cross-functional team work.

  • Manage Project Portfolios
    • Portfolio Management

      For planning and managing a portfolio of projects.

    • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

      For managing portfolios using the Scaled Agile Framework™.

  • Design Your Own Layout
    • Basic Workflow

      For starting out with a simple layout that’s easy to customize.