LeanKit Training and Consulting

Looking for a personalized training and consulting experience?

Led by our highly knowledgeable team of coaches and trainers, our interactive sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Choose from the options below and email us for pricing and scheduling. Unsure of which experience is best? Email us and an education specialist will help you determine which course would be of greatest benefit to you based on your goals and experience level.

Virtual Training | On-Site Training

Virtual Training

Interacting with LeanKit

Format: Private live webinar
For: Brand New LeanKit Users
Experience: Early Beginner
Max Attendees: 15
Length: 2 hours
Description: This interactive course will provide a basic training on how to use our tool. We’ll start by discussing your specific goals for using LeanKit, such as increasing transparency, improving collaboration across cross-functional teams, or learning how to visually communicate important work information. You’ll learn how to add new work, find and update existing work, and use work items to start productive conversations.

Visualizing Your Work with LeanKit

Format: Private live webinar
For: People responsible for creating and managing LeanKit boards
Experience: Beginner
Max Attendees: 15
Length: 2 hours
Description: This private course provides an introduction to the Kanban Method and how it can be used to improve the flow of value delivery in an organization. You’ll learn:

  • The goals of Kanban
  • Core principles and practices
  • Adapting a workflow into LeanKit
  • Customization of LeanKit board including card types, custom icons, and card ID.

Following this course, beginners will be armed with the knowledge to actively participate in a Kanban system that drives a culture of continuous improvement.

Managing Complex Work with LeanKit Connections

Format: Private live webinar
For: Anyone planning to or currently using LeanKit
Experience: Intermediate
Max Attendees: 15
Length: 2 hours
Description: In this private training, you’ll learn how to use our Connections feature. Our parent-child Connections between cards make it easier to track and manage the progress of work distributed across multiple teams. Once you’ve established parent-child Connections between cards, rollup statistics at the parent card level help you quickly assess the progress of child cards and identify potential problems. We’ll share use cases for this feature, how to implement it effectively, and explain the new statistics and icons you might encounter when using Connections.

Using LeanKit Board Analytics

Format: Private live webinar
For: Managers, Administrators, BI members
Experience: Beginner
Max Attendees: 15
Length: 2 hours
Description: This course covers all of the reports available in the LeanKit application. In this private session, we’ll discuss use cases for different reports, then dive into all the metrics available in the tool and how they can benefit your organization.

Improving Flow with LeanKit

Format: Private live webinar
For: LeanKit users that want to improve their delivery speed and start a continuous improvement journey.
Experience: Users comfortable with using LeanKit boards and cards to visualize work
Max Attendees: 15
Length: 2 hours
Description: This interactive course will provide training on how to use LeanKit, together with Kanban principles, to encourage focus, allowing you to improve quality and delivery speed while finding time for elusive activities like maintenance, learning and innovation. Perhaps even more importantly, the course will cover how to get started on a continuous improvement journey by using your LeanKit data and reports in key activities such as daily standups, regular retrospectives and operations reviews. At the end of the workshop attendees will know how to:

  • Maximize the visual cues on your LeanKit cards
  • Implement Lane Policies
  • Safely implement work-in-process (WIP) limits
  • Move from a push system to a pull system
  • Create actionable feedback loops

Improving your LeanKit Board Design

Format: Private live webinar
For: Team leads who want to improve their Kanban implementation
Experience: All levels
Max Attendees: 5
Length: 2 hours
Description: This highly personalized coaching session will begin with an assessment of your team’s current state: You'll walk your LeanKit coach through your existing Kanban implementation and talk through current problems facing your team. Then, your coach will help you design an experiment aimed at improving board design, policies, or other aspects of the Kanban implementation so that problems can be surfaced and resolved.

Leaving the session, you’ll understand the “why” and “how” of the experiment and be able to facilitate it with your team. This session is great for teams who have already attended another course like Visualizing your work in LeanKit.

This session is limited to 5 attendees due to the interactive, personalized nature of the assessment. We recommend this session for team leads.

On-Site Training

Getting Started with LeanKit

Format: On-site participatory workshop
For: All members and leaders of a team or teams wanting a strong start with LeanKit
Experience: Teams new to both LeanKit and Kanban
Max Attendees: 20, due to the interactive nature of the workshop
Length: 2 day
Description: This immersive two-day workshop is for teams new to both Kanban and LeanKit. Every team is different, so this workshop uses a framework to discover and highlight your team’s specific context and challenges. With that information, your team will create the LeanKit board(s) necessary to visualize your work and process, applying Kanban principles that help you get to quick wins, like reductions in time spent on status reports and improved delivery speed.

Perhaps even more importantly, the workshop will teach you how regularly assess your boards and begin building skills needed for a journey of continuous improvement.

Goals for this workshop:

  • Understand why flow-based methods improve performance
  • Design and build a Kanban board using LeanKit
  • Understand key metrics and how to use them safely at work
  • Acquire strategies for visualizing common barriers to work
  • Learn the power of feedback and continuous improvement and how to begin the journey

Improving your Board Design

Format: On-site participatory workshop
For: Teams who want to improve their Kanban implementation
Experience: All levels
Max Attendees: 20
Length: 1 day per team
Description: This immersive workshop is for teams already using Kanban. Every team faces different challenges at different times during their Kanban implementation; the goal of this workshop is to teach your team the fundamentals of practice continuous improvement, so you can use Kanban to visualize and solve your team’s specific pain points. The day’s agenda includes the following:

  • Review of the goals, principles, and practices of Kanban
  • Guided self-assessment of your current Kanban implementation
  • Team “experiment” exercise designed to target your team’s specific pain points
  • “Lean coffee” meeting where your team can ask questions and reflect on what you’ve learned in the session

Your team will leave the session prepared to execute, measure, and learn from experiments. Bonus: You can use the format of this session to conduct future improvement workshops on your own.

Customized Team Coaching

Format: On-site participatory workshop
For: Teams who want a hands-on, immersive experience to learn how to deliver value at a fast, sustainable pace
Experience: All levels
Max Attendees: 15
Length: 2-5 days
Description: After a diagnostic discovery call, a LeanKit coach will design a customized coaching session for your team. The length and format of the session will be dictated by your team’s specific needs. Most sessions include a combination of individual and group meetings between the LeanKit coach and your team and its stakeholders, as well as team workshops to learn and practice Lean/Kanban concepts. Your program will be specifically tailored to help your team:

  • Define opportunities for improvement, allowing you to deliver value faster
  • Learn how to tame the chaos of daily work
  • Develop a sustainable culture of continuous improvement

Kanban for IT Operations

Format: Private on-site workshop
For: IT Ops Practitioners, change agents, managers and leaders responsible for improving business performance and organizational health
Experience: Beginner +
Max Attendees: 20
Length: 2 days
Description: This interactive workshop begins with an overview of the systems thinking approach for introducing Kanban and concludes with a rollout plan for your team. Attendees participate in hands-on exercises throughout the two days to learn how to improve their Kanban board designs. Open discussions are encouraged to learn about how to improve workflow and throughput using a Lean Flow Kanban approach.

For pricing, scheduling, or more information, email a LeanKit product specialist today.