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Kanban for IT Operations

Format: Private onsite workshop
For: IT Ops Practitioners, change agents, managers and leaders responsible for improving business performance and organizational health.
Experience: Beginner+
Max Attendees: 20
Length: 2 days
Description: This interactive workshop begins with an overview of the systems thinking approach for introducing Kanban and concludes with a rollout plan for your team. Attendees participate in hands-on exercises throughout the two days to create and improve their Kanban board designs. Open discussions are encouraged for learning how to improve workflow and throughput using a Lean Flow Kanban approach.

Concepts covered in class include:

  • Demand analysis
  • Workflow mapping and visualization, work item types, policies
  • Identifying work-in-progress limits and associated classes of services
  • Kanban simulation board game customized for IT Ops & DevOps
  • Systems thinking
  • Experience reports from the field
  • Kanban system design appropriate for your team
  • Operations reviews - what, why, how, and the benefits of
  • Identifying and presenting key metrics
  • Variability and predictability issues in an IT Services and Operations setting
  • Kanban challenges and pitfalls to beware of


IT Ops practitioners, change agents, managers and leaders responsible for improving business performance and organizational health.

The challenge of semi-integrated teams with opposing goals is not limited to development and operations. This workshop is useful for business people impacted by the work IT professionals deliver.

Learning Objectives

Apply lean kanban principles practices to bring visibility to work and to the constraints preventing work from being completed.

  • Understand the skills necessary for a team to evolve toward a continuous improvement organization.
  • Gain insights into methods for adopting change to reduce common problems preventing technology workers from delivering.
  • Understand failure demand vs. value demand.
  • Map out the team’s workflow around which to create a kanban board design.
  • Understand how to interpret and construct cumulative flow diagrams, control charts and histograms.
  • Prepare teams to collect and present lean metrics. Cumulative flow diagrams, control charts, histograms (construction & interpretation).
  • Prepare the organization to run its first Operations Review.
  • Models for improvement.


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