LeanKit Training Modules

Administering your Account

There are two LeanKit roles that have administrative privileges for a LeanKit account: Account Owner and Account Administrator

If you complete the sections of this learning module, you should have a complete understanding of what everything the account owner and administrators can do to configure your LeanKit account.

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Designing a Kanban Board

This module is designed for LeanKit users with Board Administrator and Board Creator permissions

The ability to design and build effective Kanban boards is the cornerstone of success with LeanKit. After finishing this module, you will have the knowledge necessary to create a Kanban board that's customized for your team's specific needs.

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Interacting with your board

This module is useful for all LeanKit users

LeanKit users work with Kanban boards and cards on a daily basis. So, we don't want anything to be a mystery. Dive into this module to learn everything you want to know about collaborating on, and interacting with, the cards representing your work on your Kanban board!

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