Administering your Account

There are two LeanKit roles that have administrative privileges for a LeanKit account: Account Owner and Account Administrator

If you complete the sections of this learning module, you should have a complete understanding of what everything the account owner and administrators can do to configure your LeanKit account.

What's in this module?

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Account Details

Account details can only be changed by the account owner. There is always one account owner at any given time.

  • What is the difference between an account owner and administrator? - Read
  • Request to change your account owner - Read
  • Update your organization name - Read
  • Get information about your subscription - Try it!
  • Purchase from a trial - Watch & Read
  • Change your LeanKit edition - Watch & Read
  • Modify the number of user licenses in your subscription - Read

Try It: Subscription Information

Ever wondered how to find out what LeanKit edition you have or how many enabled users you have versus how many licenses you have bought? If you’re an account administrator, you can find out!

  1. Log into your LeanKit instance.
  2. Find the icon that takes you to the administration dialog box
  3. Look for the tab that contains details about your account and find
    • Your account’s edition
    • The number of enabled users
    • The maximum number of users allowed
    • The number of boards in use
    • The maximum number of boards allowed

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User Administration

Pro Tip: Only enabled users count against your license so we recommend disabling users instead of deleting them in order to keep references to that user in your archived cards!

Activity Types

Activity Types can be utilized in Advanced Reporting Sites available to advanced or premium edition customers.  For more information, reach out to

  • Edit Your Board Layout: The Lane Settings Dialogue - Watch & Read

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Export Usage Reports

Ever wonder what’s happening in your LeanKit account? Now you can find out with our handy usage reports. These are CSV files that tell you targeted information about what users are doing!

  • What reports are available? - Read
  • Interact with a report - Try It

Try It: Interact with a report

  1. Find the report that can tell you when a specific board last had a write activity.

  2. Download the report.

  3. Find the board that has the oldest date for the last write activity.

  4. Does it seem like the board is still being used? If not, ask the board owners if the board should be archived.

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Advanced Security Options

In today’s world, data security is a major concern. In addition to the built-in security that is a priority within our application, LeanKit provides account administrators the ability to configure additional security options to meet your organization’s unique needs. 

Or, you can jump to a specific section in the article:

  • Strong Passwords - Read

  • Account lock policy - Read

  • Additional preferences - Read

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Adding Help Menu Links

Help Menu with Additional Links

Did you know that you can add two specific links to the help menu in your LeanKit account? The link text cannot be changed at this time but the link destination is up to you! All you have to do is ask and our account specialists can take care of it. Check out your options below and put in a request if you’d like either or both links to be made available for your account users.

Add “Contact our admins” Link - Request

Provide an e-mail address. When clicked, it will open your e-mail client and open a new e-mail with the To: field filled out.

Add “Our Kanban Policies” link - Request

Provide a URL that will open in a new browser tab/window.

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Managing Boards and Templates

In addition to handling user administration and security options, account administrators can also control who can create, edit, archive and delete boards or templates.

  • Creating, Editing and Deleting Board Templates - Read
  • Archiving or Un-Archiving a Board - Read

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