Designing a Kanban Board

This module is designed for LeanKit users with Board Administrator and Board Creator permissions

The ability to design and build effective Kanban boards is the cornerstone of success with LeanKit. After finishing this module, you will have the knowledge necessary to create a Kanban board that's customized for your team's specific needs.

What's in this module?

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Defining Your Current Workflow

Successful Kanban implementations start with understanding and visualizing your current workflow and work demand. This section will help you understand how to ensure your LeanKit board reflects your current process.

  • Designing Your Kanban Board to Map Your Process - Watch & Read
  • Simple exercises to get going - Read

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Using LeanKit's Board Templates

Building a board doesn’t have to take a long time! In this section, learn how to utilize our pre-built template or build your own to share throughout your organization.

  • Using LeanKit’s built in options - Read
  • How to select a board template - Read
  • Building your own template - Read

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Configuring your board layout

You know what you’d like your board to look like and you might have even selected a template. Let’s learn how to get the board lanes exactly the way that you need for success!

  • Designing Your Kanban Board to Map your Process: Watch | Read (PDF)
  • Editing The Board Layout - Watch & Read
  • Lanes Explained - Read
  • Understand The Backlog And Finished Lane - Read
  • The Connected Card Done Lane - Read

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Customizing your board settings 

The final piece of building a board that works for you entails customizing details like card types, custom icons and custom fields. At the end of this section, you will be comfortable getting these last pieces of the puzzle put together!

  • Using the Board Settings to Your Advantage - Read
  • Custom Fields - Watch & Read
  • Setting a User's board access - Read

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