Interacting with your board

This module is useful for all LeanKit users

LeanKit users work with Kanban boards and cards on a daily basis. So, we don't want anything to be a mystery. Dive into this module to learn everything you want to know about collaborating on, and interacting with, the cards representing your work on your Kanban board!

What's in this module?

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Why use a Kanban board

"Kanban is not a clever system to replace workflow management. It’s a device to reveal problems and lead people to think more deeply about their work. Within Toyota, the aim of implementing kanban is the 'reform of manager’s mind.'"

-- Michael Ballé, LEI, "How can kanban or lean possibly apply in an office?"

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Understanding cards

In a Kanban system, cards represent individual pieces of work that can be delivered. Here's what you need to know about what's in a card:

  • LeanKit Glossary: Card - Read
  • Cards: A Quick Reference Guide - Read
  • What is a Blocked Card? - Read

Extra credit

  • Using card size - Read
  • Applying tags - Read

Pro Tip: Use tasks when you want a personal checklist of actions you need to take to finish your card. Use connected cards to break down complex work that needs to be worked on by multiple people, visually managed, and/or reported on easily. We will talk more about connected cards and tasks in a future learning module!

Finding cards on the board

Some boards have a small set of cards and you can visually scan and find a particular card very easily. But, when you have a lot of work on your board, you might want to try these ways to find the card you're looking for:

Try it: Find your assigned work

In this exercise, you'll use both options for finding cards: board filters and the search functionality. Before you start this exercise, ensure there is a card assigned to you on your board. If you don't have one, choose another user that has work assigned to them when doing this exercise. 

Board Filters

  1. First, open the board filter area and choose a filter mode of highlight or show only.
  2. Then, find the area for Assigned Users and choose your name.
  3. Review the cards that are currently assigned to you on your board. Did you see anything unexpected?


  1. Find the search box in the LeanKit application
  2. Choose your name in the assigned users area
  3. Click search and review the cards that show up in the search area. Did it match what you saw when you did this activity using filters?

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Adding cards to the board

Invisible work is very difficult to manage so knowing how to add cards quickly and easily is an essential skill! Fortunately we have many ways to create cards. Check them out below and see which is your favorite.

Providing or checking status of cards on the board

When a team keeps information up-to-date on their Kanban board they usually find that status meetings become a bit redundant! This section teaches you the mechanics of ensuring your Kanban board can kick those long status meetings to the curb.

Providing status:

Checking status:

  • Subscribe to a card - Watch & Read
  • Subscribe to Boards and Lanes - Read
  • View card history - Read
  • Adjust your default card subscriptions - Read

Collaborating on cards with others

Once your work is visible and on your board, it becomes much easier to collaborate on that work with others. Here's how you do it in LeanKit:

  • Comment on a card - Watch (0:55)
  • Collaborating more effectively with @mentions - Watch & Read

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